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Support Services

Speech/Language Pathologists

Licensed and/or certified speech language pathologists provide speech and language services designed to remediate areas of deficit for children diagnosed with speech or language delays.

Special Education Faculty

Highly trained and experienced special educators provide direct instruction in reading, writing, spelling, math, listening, and learning strategies and are able to adjust instruction and interventions based on student need, student progress, classroom observation and clinical judgment.

Social Workers

Licensed school and clinical social workers provide evaluations and treatment services to children. These clinicians also provide students with an opportunity to participate in treatment groups for a variety of needs.


Licensed school and clinical psychologists provide consultative services to faculty and staff and complete comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for students when warranted. The psychologist works closely with the family and social workers and assists in the coordination of school services for the child.


School nurses perform vision and hearing screenings. School nurses also oversee health problems, provide medication management, and health assessments for students.

TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804 (formerly NSSED)

The Winnetka Public Schools District 36 is a member of the TrueNorth (formerly NSSED) special education cooperative. TrueNorth provides specialized programming and services to our students who require more support than that typically offered in a public school. This includes, but is not limited to, early childhood programs, educational and life skills (ELS) programs, therapeutic day school programs, services for students who have autism spectrum disorders. Assistive technology assessments and services are also available. TrueNorth also provides professional development opportunities and consultation services to school faculty and staff.

Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO)

The Winnetka Public Schools District 36 is a member of the Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO). NSSEO provides diagnostic and itinerant services for students who have hearing impairments and also provides specialized programs for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Early Childhood Screening Services

Early childhood screenings are offered once a trimester to three, four, and five year olds. This comprehensive preschool screening is offered to Winnetka residents who register for this service. Included are quick assessments for motor skills, cognitive and pre academic skills, and speech/language development. Members of the screening team will also assess a student’s social and emotional development. Hearing and vision screening is included when certified staff are available to complete this component. For more information and/or to request a screening, please see this page.

Homebound instruction

Any child who is expected to be absent from school for two or more consecutive weeks for medical reasons may be eligible for homebound instruction. A medical referral is warranted for this service, which most often consists of 5 hours of instruction each week. Please contact the Director of Student Services for more information about homebound services.